About me

A self taught artist, I acquired my education in art and design largely from the people who I have worked with. I found my own personal source of creativity in biographies, documentaries, publications and films. Currently based in Greater London, leading a multifaceted team of art directors, motion & video directors, and creative strategists producing innovative brand experiences for interactive and offline advertising campaigns – Focusing on Amazon UK and Spain.

Having worked both in agencies and on the client side, the experience that I have gained is diverse and well rounded. I have mastered design methodologies which cater to various strata of end users. Since I joined Amazon India as a Creative Director, I have had the opportunity to localize and launch some of the most iconic brands in India such as Prime, Prime Video, Fire TV, Echo, etc. I have worked on everything from end to end, from branding to packaging for a flagship device for India. I have also led creative for major offline and online campaigns.

The strong belief that creativity is bestowed in every child is embedded deep in me. This has allowed me to experience the world virtually and in reality, bringing fresh and innovative vision to my work. I do not plan to ever stop exploring my love for design and art through various media, or stop observing life and people through travel. I will always keep projecting my experiences into my designs.

I have built recognition for myself in the industry through developing meaningful products and designing experiences of the future, while venturing into more and more films and motion graphics. On a more personal note, I’m an avid follower of football. Also, follow my Instagram @shabibudeen for more photography and latest art